EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

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High Resolution: No, Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Compatible With: WooCommerce 3.1.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6

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Here’s One of the vital rest of the features…
  • Supports single and multiple day events
  • Create single day events
  • Create events ceaselessly day or time
  • Create all day events
  • Duplicate events in wp-admin
  • Exclude certain events from calendar
  • Span events until end time at the same time as hiding end time
  • Set event location image
  • Set location by latitude longitude
  • Save locations and re-use them for events
  • Set event organizer contact information
  • Save event organizer for re-using in events
  • Learn more about the event link support
  • Various options for how a user can interact with event
  • Use universal time and date format through your website
  • Schema SEO content support for calendar events
  • Ability to auto archive past events
  • Easily add custom CSS styles via eventON Settings
  • Customize calendar month/year format
  • Customize calendar date and time formats
  • Ability to reset calendar appearance to default easily
  • Ability to open eventCards on load
  • Display upcoming events list by months
  • Pre-set calendar event order ASC/DESC
  • Show featured events above others in calendar
  • Show calendar with only featured events
  • Create calendars with featured images on list
  • Dynamic “load more” pagination of events in the calendar
  • Show calendar for certain fixed months
  • Ability to set eventCard opening to act as accordion style
  • RTL support – (right-to-left text)
  • Show a limit number of events per month on the calendar
  • Categorized events based on custom taxonomies
  • Create calendars with only events from certain event categories
  • Completely customize all the data on event rows in calendar
  • Customize google maps interactive features such as mouse scroll, zoom etc.
  • AJAX driven smooth month to month navigation
  • Add calendar to your theme via shortcode or PHP template tag
  • Integrated PayPal to accept payments for events
  • Custom Language Text support and includes POT file for further customization
  • Set events to show at random order
  • Show events only for logged-in users
  • Individual email to receive payments via paypal per event
  • Make certain custom fields only visible to admin or logged-in users

Change log

= 2.6.5 (2017-12-11)
ADDED: Option to disable auto generated og: meta tags
ADDED: Notice for interchangeable shortcode usage
ADDED: Single event so as to pass arguments using filter eventon_single_event_page_data
FIXED: all events wp-admin responsiveness
FIXED: Language saved text aren't reflecting upon page reload
FIXED: Missing backend translation codes
FIXED: Facebook share image to be full size
FIXED: Single event not correctly using map scroll disable
FIXED: Deprecation handling method
FIXED: Quick edit not saving some of yes no values

= 2.6.4 (2017-11-29) =
FIXED: transient error on evo product class
FIXED: End day all day events not passing value correct 
FIXED: Settings page coming in blank
FIXED: Event maps license product ID not correct
FIXED: Event slider product ID error in licensing
FIXED: evo_check_updates cron hook name getting printed in the admin pages
FIXED: Corresponding language not saving in event edit page
FIXED: mobile lightbox positioning

= 2.6.3 (2017-11-20) =
FIXED: alphabetical sorting for addons list
FIXED: Setting changes not reflecting on reload

= 2.6.2 (2017-11-17) = 
ADDED: Deprecated class handing and recording for alternatives
FIXED: license activation not working

= 2.6.1 (2017-11-17) =
ADDED: Support for past and future event filtering on frontend
ADDED: Export events as CSV to include event id
ADDED: Remove invalid quotation marks from shortcode arguments
ADDED: function check for iconv() for users without support for that
ADDED: new remote auto updates system to eventon and addons
ADDED: remote updates subscription service for eventon products
ADDED: new filter evo_template_loader_file for template loading files
FIXED: featuring an event in wp-admin causing error
FIXED: Organizer open in new window not saving
FIXED: wp-admin styles not passing version
FIXED: ICS download file date format issue
FIXED: All day events passing all day text for end time as well
FIXED: Email share event name in email body not escaping correct
FIXED: event class maybe_unserialize return prop values
FIXED: email child theme support not working
FIXED: location coordinates not saving just by itself
FIXED: Location apostrophe
UPDATED: POT file updates
UPDATED: month jumper to show all months with no scroll
UPDATED: csv htmlentities separated so as to turn off
UPDATED: Event id to be passed to eventtop
UPDATED: Event object class improvements
DEV: action filter when events auto trash

= 2.6 (2017-9-12) =
ADDED: ability to pass arguments to get_all_event_data() function
ADDED: globally accessible event post meta update ajax from wp-admin
ADDED: New calendar loader bar with cool knightrider like animation
ADDED: Support for access to new loadbar for eventon addons
ADDED: Support for event featured image ALT text
ADDED: Option to disable location and organizer link filtering for https
ADDED: new tile style with details under the tile
ADDED: location and organizer filter support into shortcode generator
FIXED: event end time not passing correct for dailyview addon
FIXED: Separate months event list showing 1 less event
FIXED: Single events template sidebar not position correct
FIXED: Universal time format for eventcard not applying to all day events
FIXED: hide end time events still showing end time
FIXED: external links with https not working for events
FIXED: twitter not including the URL
FIXED: Single event page styles on responsive
FIXED: event type archive page template layout issues
FIXED: location and organizer archive page layout issues and styles
FIXED: fixed month value with 0 yeild incorrect month
FIXED: wp_admin AJDE library table styles
FIXED: ajax based show more events causing filter events issues
FIXED: ICS add to calendar file time processing issue
FIXED: learn more link ux_val=2 not working
FIXED: location meta data not able to delete
FIXED: location description not saving and showing up in lightbox
FIXED: open in new window not working for ux_val & learn more link
FIXED: Google maps disable in settings to still work using other google maps APIs
FIXED: single event box repeat interval not passing correct to box data
FIXED: auto created events page to have page content as basic eventon shortcode
FIXED: load styles and scripts only on eventon pages
UPDATED: Possibility for extra filter text translation
UPDATED: evo helpers to support file attachment to emails
UPDATED: Helper styles for frontend
UPDATED: event tax archive page layout design update
UPDATED: eventon language saving for duplicate text strings
UPDATED: new event date time function using event id
UPDATED: location info over image styles and layout updated
UPDATED: eventon back end button styles
DEV: get_terms instead of get_categories to get event taxonomies for filter

= 2.5.5 (2017-7-4) =
ADDED: End year to show in eventtop with option to hide
ADDED: Option to set custom login URL
ADDED: Option to disable html special character decode on ICS file
ADDED: New cron class to handle similar tasks for addons
FIXED: error on eventon uninstall
FIXED: no events text on list view echoing instead of returning
FIXED: admin location and organizer not translating in event edit page
FIXED: tiles with ajax load more leaving clear div 
FIXED: ajax load more switching months showing incorrect events
FIXED: disabling schema data to break calendar layout
FIXED: organizer link formating correctly
FIXED: location link formating correctly as well
FIXED: not able to delete plugin via wp admin page
FIXED: Search bar styles overriding by theme styles for some users 
FIXED: missing argument error on evoadmin_get_unix_time_fromt_post()
FIXED: search not working when enabled via settings
FIXED: external link input field showing for lightbox UX option in event edit page
UPDATED: Minor style changes
UPDATED: calendar date styles and HTML structure
UPDATED: Minor updates to single events template codes

= 2.5.4 (2017-2-26) =
ADDED: seperate styles sheet for backend RTL styles
ADDED: Language corresponding event capabilities
ADDED: JSON-LD structured data for events
ADDED: Option to enable search for all calendars by default
ADDED: Get directions to use lat lon if address not provided
ADDED: Ability to use NOT-ALL to hide all events assigned with certain event taxonomy terms
ADDED: pluggable funtions on calendar evo_cal_eventtop_attrs
ADDED: Ability to run PHP codes on website via eventon settings
ADDED: Pluggble filter for taxonomy page shortcode used
ADDED: AJAX based pagination for loading new events
ADDED: Featured events tag on eventtop
FIXED: tile minor styles
FIXED: backslashes not getting stripped on organizer meta information
FIXED: Single events page showing multiple widgets
FIXED: press enter key to search not working
FIXED: search minor styles 
FIXED: Export events as CSV event date to be in matching date format for CSV Importer
FIXED: Schema based structured data errors
FIXED: Stripslashes for organizer address and contact data fields
FIXED: location and organizer button translatability
FIXED: Single event template function requireing a paramater
FIXED: Tiles feature image not showing background image
UPDATED: By default search be disable for calendars
UPDATED: Addons list on license page
UPDATED: all events page to show all day text instead of time

= 2.5.3 (2017-5-4)
ADDED: event edit page to support location and organizer setting via ajax
ADDED: search addon is now a part of eventon
ADDED: ability to search on event type 2 and 3 with advance search
ADDED: Location with city, state and country data
ADDED: Search to be available in event list version of calendar as well
ADDED: Search box so as to search all past and current events
ADDED: Option to show end time as well in repeat instance
ADDED: Option to hide add eventon shortcode generator button from backend
ADDED: Option to hide comments section on single event page
ADDED: global option for location to be hidden from non-loggedin users
ADDED: Option to download all events as ICS file from frontend
FIXED: MDT custom html code for extra field not getting stripslashes
FIXED: add to google calendar link compatibility with https protocol
FIXED: monthly and weekly repeat options incorrection on event edit page
FIXED: repeat interval time in eventcard be formatted with translated month names
FIXED: PHP7.1 conflicts in language edit page & other places
FIXED: export events as CSV to support csv importer date time formats
FIXED: saving date proper conversion for altered date formats
FIXED: External link for open event in single event page not complying with https
FIXED: ics export all events not importing correct
FIXED: Twitter sharing 2 links to events 
FIXED: custom repeats not saving on newly added events
FIXED: Language not saying in PHP 7.1+
FIXED: Tile view not switching to one tile in a row in mobile view
FIXED: Add to calendar ICS file formatting fix
FIXED: evo_get_long_month_names() not returning correct translated month names
FIXED: isset error on function get_int_correct_event_time()
FIXED: style adjustments for extra <p> tags added inside calendar by some themes
FIXED: deactivated multi data types not hiding from left menu
UPDATED: Select2 updates to version 4
UPDATED: Single event page template code

= 2.5.2 (2017-3-30)
ADDED: filter hook for eventcard event details text
ADDED: Support for hide fearured events from a calendar using hide_ft='yes'
ADDED: event edit page ability to delete the initial repeat instance of custom repeat
ADDED: Eventtop time block pluggable filter evo_eventtop_day_block
ADDED: pluggable support for backend filtering options
ADDED: pluggable map styles and new map styles
ADDED: Searchable select fields for location and organizer
ADDED: Pluggable function support for schema data for events
ADDED: export events as CSV to comply with WP date/time format if set via settings
FIXED: ICS and google cal times were off by couple of hours
FIXED: Minor styles
FIXED: RTL styles update
FIXED: Some date/time formats not saving the correct value
FIXED: when none of terms selected from filtering checkbox count that as none instead of all
FIXED: Social share icons background color fix
FIXED: Repeating instances delete not completly hiding the row
FIXED: custom map marker not showing in single event pages
FIXED: event subtitle with apostrophe not showing correct in wp-admin
FIXED: Google maps custom styles undefine error
FIXED: featured events not move to top with show more events option
FIXED: error on evo_lang_e() function lang variable
FIXED: Facebook share not working
FIXED: lightbox event details paragraph padding bottom
FIXED: PHP 7.1 saving events save event time as current time
FIXED: dynamic styles file loading issues on https for multisites
FIXED: Widget title not showing correct for some themes
FIXED: language unsupported taxonomy names in filtering bar
FIXED: repeating event URL cross scripting vulnerability
FIXED: Quick edit issues
FIXED: Custom repeats when delete a repeat and add new not saved correct
FIXED: new months showing old month events during ajax call
FIXED: Some widget icons for eventcard not hidden
FIXED: Export events as CSV convert all info to htmlentities()
UPDATED: Various minor style updates for frontend layout
UPDATED: Eventon email helper function to support correct from email format
UPDATED: extended support for more fields under quick edit 
UPDATED: Repeating interval value convert passed value to integer
UPDATED: map styles preview images
UPDATED: Schema data structure
UPDATED: Close button styles for lightbox

= 2.5.1 (2017-1-23) =
FIXED: License activation not working & not saving the key
FIXED: Custom field button not opening links correct
FIXED: Missing language translations for multi data types
UPDATED: Deactivate single events addon if installed
UPDATED: Made organizer fields pluggable

= 2.5 (2017-1-17) =
ADDED: All new calendar design styles
ADDED: Option to click repeating event series within eventcard
ADDED: Option to stop using eventon single event template for single event pages
ADDED: View archive page for event location tax term edit page in admin
ADDED: Option to remove schema everywhere except single event pages
ADDED: option to remove month header from basic event list version of the calendar
ADDED: Ability to concatenate addon styles into one file for faster load times
ADDED: Ability to change event text string value quick from settings
ADDED: Option to make location information only visible to logged-in users
ADDED: Option to show login required message for custom fields thats only visible to logged-in users
ADDED: Links to various documentation articles to help common questions in settings
ADDED: Multi data types for events
FIXED: location address strip slashes
FIXED: Backend event edit afterstatement not working for yes/no buttons
FIXED: Single event template overriding not working correct
FIXED: placeholder value not showing in settings textarea field type
FIXED: Twitter share missing link to event
FIXED: eventcard and eventtop background-image quotation marks
FIXED: Event edit page locaton and organizer dropdown order ASC
FIXED: Eventon settings collapse not working
FIXED: Language variable not passing for single event clicks
FIXED: Location address not passing in add to google cal button
FIXED: Location information missing in ICS add to calendar
FIXED: Repeat interval share not passing correct repeat interval value
FIXED: Month repeats saving initial dates twice
FIXED: Custom eventon only time offset not correctly adjusting time
UPDATED: compaibility with php 7.1
UPDATED: Better organizsation of font styles for easy changing fonts
UPDATED: ux_val set to 4 or X to not load eventCard content when switching months for faster loading
UPDATED: License activation system

= 2.4.10 (2016-12-1) =
ADDED: Ability for addons to load styles into one file for faster loading styles
ADDED: Option in settings to offset add to calendar times
ADDED: Weekly repeats so as to select day or the week
ADDED: Pluggable support for single event sharable options
ADDED: Further edit location from event edit page button
ADDED: Location description to be shown with location image when available
ADDED: Jumper years count be changed via shortcode jumper_count value
FIXED: Better language variable name filtering
FIXED: wp-admin click outside lightbox causing other scripts to not work
FIXED: Styles for text over location image for lightbox event
FIXED: Excerpt function word count issue
FIXED: Image not sharing on facebook
FIXED: Appearance theme selection not saving
FIXED: Location address was not passing to get_all_event_data()
FIXED: Event type #5 not showing up
FIXED: Make sure custom repeat values pass integer
FIXED: Custom repeats saving correct repeat intervals
FIXED: RTL Styles & passed rtl class into body class
FIXED: eventcard and eventtop event image missing quotation marks for url
FIXED: Email share event to contain event date and remove dummy to email
FIXED: load more events redirect not working when switching months - thanks @rootheng 
FIXED: Mobile yes/no button clicks not working
UPDATED: Html decoding for no event text string with html code
UPDATED: shortcode generator styles
UPDATED: Font awesome icons to version 4.7.0

= 2.4.9 (2016-10-18) =
FIXED: Click outside lightbox close is back
FIXED: Backend edit event page styles missing
FIXED: Location address apostrophe escaping
FIXED: Missing social share icons
FIXED: Missing single event sidebar

= 2.4.8 (2016-10-13) =
ADDED: Single events addon has been merge into main eventON plugin now
ADDED: Ability to show year on eventtop
FIXED: Other style issues
FIXED: Tiles image not expanding all the way & styles
FIXED: Date time not saving - set Y/m/d format when saving time for event
FIXED: more/less button not working on lightbox
FIXED: Addon versions not correct on settings page

= 2.4.7 (2016-10-7) =
ADDED: Support for menu order for events with same time date
ADDED: Support to expand event type categories more than 5
FIXED: Location name not passing to eventop for some
FIXED: hide multiple occurance not working on multiple calendar on same page
FIXED: Select filtering type not showing multiple filters passed via shortcode
FIXED: Get directions not working for duplicated events
FIXED: Fullscreen jump months moving too far
FIXED: Custom repeats initial save removed first repeat instance
FIXED: Fixed apply filters missing translation
FIXED: location name over image not saving value
FIXED: organizer field value not showing in eventtop
FIXED: Organizer open in new window not working
FIXED: curl install check when generating latlon for event locations
FIXED: All day events to last till end of last day hour
FIXED: frontend lightbox map not working
UPDATED: AJDE library wp-admin lightbox window elements
UPDATED: youtube embed link proper content filter with eventon (thanks grupopolen for code)
UPDATED: changed the way location & organizer tax data saved for less querying
UPDATED: Concatenate location and location name in eventtop to one line
UPDATED: Featured image UI on event top

= 2.4.6 (2016-9-5) =
FIXED: Mousewheel missing script error
FIXED: last of month repeat not saving correct date
FIXED: Single events page event card translation not working
FIXED: Jump Months names not translating with eventon system
UPDATED: Jump month update when arrow change month
UPDATED: Previous saved locations transition to location taxonomy method
UPDATED: Organizer link not filling in backend

= 2.4.5 (2016-8-25) =
ADDED: shortcode option to show jump months expanded on load
ADDED: mousewheel scrolling and swiping for months in jump months
FIXED: Yes/no button script update
FIXED: multiple checkbox filter not working correct
FIXED: Duplicate event lead to blank page
UPDATED: calendar loading UI and function accessibility
UPDATED: UI for jump months 

= 2.4.4 (2016-8-17) =
ADDED: Option to hide filter dropdown item icons
ADDED: Ability to show other future repeating instances of event times on eventcard
FIXED: Featured image select not working for other posts
FIXED: Edit location term page to auto generate latLng if not set
FIXED: htmlentities function to be used when exporting events
FIXED: Missing organizer address field in eventcard
FIXED: Contactform 7 duplicate form causing conflict
UPDATED: internationalization for shortcode strings
UPDATED: Styles for h4 on popup event window
UPDATED: Event lists code to support similar footer pluggable filters as main calendar
UPDATED: Widget construct function to be compatible with newer PHP
UPDATED: Filter priority for event types in calendar
UPDATED: Main calendar AJAX to pass processed events list on results
UPDATED: Exporting events to use htmlentities() for data values

= 2.4.3 (2016-7-10) =
ADDED: Support to include google maps API key
FIXED: location image not working on location edit page
FIXED: Eventtop custom fields that are buttons to look like buttons
FIXED: Multiple NOT filter values not working

= 2.4.2 (2016-6-28) =
FIXED: Organizer data not showing in eventcard for some
FIXED: Error on frontend eventon email template function
FIXED: license activation on https website not working

= 2.4.1 (2016-6-21) = 
FIXED: error on certain admin level pages
FIXED: Addon activation issue
UPDATED: PO language file
UPDATED: minor updates to events generation code

= 2.4 (2016-6-20) =
ADDED: pluggable hook for maximum event type taxonomy count
ADDED: Ability to download ICS file of all events from backend
ADDED: Ability to export and import general settings for eventON
ADDED: Organizer archive page to have map using organizer address
ADDED: Event type #1 icons support
ADDED: default featured image for events
ADDED: Custom meta data icons to be visible on eventtop
ADDED: New template file location function for addons
ADDED: Dynamic event types into shortcode generator
ADDED: Template locator that will be used in addons for customizing templates
FIXED: https loading assets correctly
FIXED: event type color picker not working on event type edit page
UPDATED: Cleaner looking yes no buttons
UPDATED: Separated admin ajax functions from frontend

= 2.3.23 (2016-5-18) =
ADDED: Option to set organizer link to open in new window
ADDED: Year long and month long events to show applicable year/month
FIXED: sites without visual composer error
FIXED: some event class names not passing to event elements
FIXED: get directions to location field missing
FIXED: Font awesome font files not loading correct
FIXED: All events to show location columns using taxonomy data
UPDATED: script update to ajde library

= 2.3.22 (2016-5-6) =
ADDED: Basic Visual Composer element for eventON
ADDED: Month long events - support for addons coming after release
ADDED: filters to allow location and organizer taxonomy slug name
ADDED: Event Locations to auto save location coordinates for faster map generation
ADDED: Option for select google add to cal or ICS download
ADDED: Events from next month widget
ADDED: Completed event option for each event with line through event title
ADDED: event edit page, saved locations and organizer fields to be hidden if set
FIXED: Sort and filter dropdowns not closing up correct
FIXED: Styles for sorting and filtering section
UPDATED: Existing locations to generate loc. coords on update
UPDATED: font awesome fonts library to version 4.6.2

= 2.3.21 (2016-4-19)
ADDED: show more events button be able to redirect to a link
ADDED: Terrain option for google maps
ADDED: edit event link direct into eventTop works with lightbox & sliderDown interaction
FIXED: event list sorted by end date as secondary sorting after start date
FIXED: Featured event priority not showing all featured events
FIXED: Addons list not showing up
FIXED: Location text in event card missing in language settings
FIXED: Eventcard with no fields but addon fields not working
FIXED: go to today button showing when filtering and sorting
FIXED: Stripslashes on location address in eventcard
FIXED: eventon_get_unix_time() return correct times for all day events
FIXED: Eventon version not showing correct & addons not listing out in addons tab
FIXED: event list ext addon event count not working
FIXED: event list ext addon featured image not working
FIXED: deleting plugin will not delete evo settings
FIXED: License tab showing incorrect eventon version
FIXED: location and organizer drop down set to choose a location reset & clear all fields
FIXED: Event time not showing without location info
UPDATED: child theme based template loading support

= 2.3.20 (2016-3-9)
ADDED: Option to show eventtop various data even on widgets
ADDED: improved troubleshoot tab in eventON settings
FIXED: organizer link return null
FIXED: Reset permlainks button in eventon settings
FIXED: custom time string support eg G h i min
FIXED: organizer name not saving in backend
FIXED: Event edit meta boxes to be echoed into back instead of using buffer
FIXED: Hide past events not working when event lists addon is installed
FIXED: export events were not saving  
FIXED: single events repeat variable to check is repeats and enabled
FIXED: Location category name not saving in language
FIXED: Datetime class not returning correct repeat interval
FIXED: Export all events to export repeat data
FIXED: Location and organizer archive page text not translatable
UPDATED: Organizer archive page to include missing data
UPDATED: pot file for backend language translation

= 2.3.19 (2016-2-18) =
FIXED: Location Latitude and longitude not saving and showing map
FIXED: Dynamic styles for lightbox
FIXED: Subtitle for event with quotation marks not saving
FIXED: Do not do anything option in event edit page not working correct
FIXED: Minor security vulnerability with addons settings page
FIXED: Event top tags not changing colors via apperances
FIXED: download all events as CSV to include organizer and location term IDs
FIXED: Hide multiple occurance and show repeats options not working

= 2.3.18 (2016-2-9) =
FIXED: event top tag styles for lightbox version
FIXED: Security vulnerability on download all events CSV action
FIXED: tiles version events not clicking through 
UPDATED: AJDE settings library

= 2.3.17 (2016-2-4) =
FIXED: eventtop above title error on code
FIXED: events meta box php file error on location term
FIXED: Update to 2.3.16 file error on incorrect $p_id
FIXED: welcome screen not going away after initial view

= 2.3.16 (2016-2-1)
ADDED: new filters into event top above title of the event
ADDED: Option to choose time minute increment for event edit time in backend
ADDED: Event Oragnizer to have address field
ADDED: Do nothing user interaction option per each event
ADDED: Location link suport that will open on new window
FIXED: Navigation arrows in IE fix
FIXED: single events page click not working
FIXED: Disable google maps not disabling correctly 
FIXED: Undefined post content in evo helper function
FIXED: Event edit page custom image holder styles
FIXED: ux_val=1 not overriding individual event uxvals
FIXED: Long words in event description wrap in CSS
FIXED: ics add to calendar characters convert to HTML entities
FIXED: CSS for Search bar right align
FIXED: calendar loading class name conflict with theme styles
FIXED: First font awesome icon being blank and updated font awesome icons to 4.5
FIXED: Location name with commas creating multiple location tax terms
FIXED: location name and address not passing correct in the ics 
UPDATED: evo_datetime class to support hide end time
UPDATED: Auto move trash events are now a daily schedule event in WP 
UPDATED: Auto update sequences for eventon updating from old versions
UPDATED: Repeat events to show correct time in paypal button
UPDAETD: Event location and organizer information now pull from respective taxonomies
TEST: NOT-X event filtering works

= 2.3.15 (2015-12-22)
FIXED: Javascript error with $

= 2.3.14 (2015-12-20)
FIXED: font awesome fonts not working on backend
FIXED: conflict of 'my_restrict_manage_posts' function
FIXED: parallex website's scrolling not working
UPDATED: Certain time format not working correct eg. G:i

= 2.3.13 (2015-12-9)
ADDED: Subtitle into quick edit section
ADDED: AM/PM translation for other languages
ADDED: Event id as class name for userinteraction lightbox 
ADDED: Multiple options for event content filtering in settings
ADDED: Location name to ICS add to calendar file download
ADDED: Filtering events in wp-admin based on past or current events
FIXED: Event type color override not working when eventtop fields aren't active
FIXED: Show more events button to work with tile design
FIXED: Missing translation for organizer and location under sorting options
FIXED: User interaction conflict between calendar and individual event
FIXED: Event card not sliding for some with theme conflicts
FIXED: Language import export not recognizing the file format
FIXED: Support for (th,st,nd) type date format in date picker
FIXED: location and organizer archive pages hiding multiple occurances of repeating events
FIXED: Dulicate event issue
FIXED: Mobile map scroll disable option sync with web scroll wheel 
FIXED: Repeating events not saving end time correct
FIXED: map Javascript error when no map element present on eventcard
UPDATED: Random calID generated on frontend calendar to avoid calendar conflicts on page
UPDATED: event minutes selection to be increments on 1 minute
UPDATED: Day of the week repeating monthly to support last week of March type repeats
UPDATED: New lightbox styles for better user experience
UPDATED: AJDE library with new font awesome v4.4 icons and bug fixed
UPDAETD: POT files for language 
TESTED: event_type 3 filtering works

= 2.3.12 (2015-10-29)
FIXED: Eventlist ext. addon compatibility
FIXED: Shortcodes not executing inside event details
FIXED: safari styles breaking for the rest of the site
UPDATED: Go to today changed to current month - text change

= 2.3.11 (2015-10-26) =
ADDED: Ability to hide month arrows via shortcode per calendar
ADDED: Option to align month navigation arrows to right side of the calendar
ADDED: Pluggable filter to increase custom meta fields per event
ADDED: Option to set featured image as a regular image
ADDED: Ability to random order events
ADDED: Ability to show events only to logged in users
ADDED: Placehodler text for language month and date names
ADDED: separate class name for past events
ADDED: Event organizer archive template page
ADDED: Ability to add custom paypal emails to invidual events
ADDED: Learnmore link to CSV export events
ADDED: Organizer external link field
ADDED: Option for only admin and loggedin users can see custom meta fields
FIXED: Google maps not working on some sections 
FIXED: Add to google calendar desription showing title
FIXED: Proper time passed to basic paypal checkout page
FIXED: duplicate events save correct event link
FIXED: Event organizer image not working from dropdown menu
FIXED: Custom map styles preview image not working
UPDATED: Removed max repeating times restriction
UPDATED: Map zoom level control to location taxonomy page template
UPDATED: New filter content function for event content
UPDATED: Map zoom control not showing up
UPDATED: Compatibility to eventList ext. addon v0.8
UPDATED: Google cal add to calendar to have excerpt of event details
UPDATED: All events wp-admin to show event times
UPDATED: Placeholder text for language each item box
UPDATED: Paypal settings box UI for event edit page
REMOVED: eventbrite and meetup support

= 2.3.10 (2015-9-21) =
ADDED: Missing this month button appearance into settings
FIXED: end time not saving correct on event edit page
FIXED: Repeating events not saving correctly (thanks oliver from germany)
FIXED: organizer image not to be a square but medium size
FIXED: Eventtop event type not getting translated correctly
FIXED: location and organizer images not working on taxonomy term pages
FIXED: Colorpicker not loading right on event type term pages

= 2.3.9 (2015-8-25) =
FIXED: Compatibility with WP 4.3 widget error
FIXED: error when language settings saving
FIXED: Not able to feature events via star icon & other permission issues

= 2.3.8 (2015-8-5) =
FIXED: BCC email error on helper class
FIXED: Time cutoff to wordpress site's local time
UPDATED: Repeat intervals in eventon datetime class
UPDATED: email helper class & removal of HTML email filter when finished
UPDATED: to auto sync dynamic styles after update to new version

= 2.3.7 (2015-7-22) =
ADDED: Support for location cards for event locations
FIXED: Event top tags showing regardless of settings
FIXED: export events as CSV start time var name error
FIXED: ics summary and description correctly specifying title
FIXED: ics file summary going into new lines and breaking description
FIXED: repeating events not linking correct to single events page
FIXED: https error for chrome version 44
UPDATED: Featured image responsive styles for mobile
UPDATED: organizer field in language settings

= 2.3.6 (2015-7-9) =
ADDED: New AJDE library to help scaling of eventon
FIXED: Organizer image not able to save
FIXED: Repeating days of week not selected correct after save
FIXED: Organizer contact field not saving correct
FIXED: Custom meta data field titles not translating in event card
FIXED: Tile styles
FIXED: Slashes in location name
UPDATED: Styles for tiles layout mobile view
UPDATED: Event top event types be seperated by commas

= 2.3.5 (2015-6-9) =
FIXED: Individual event user interaction not working
UPDATED: Eventon helper function to support bcc type emailing
UPDATED: code yesno value for settings

= 2.3.4 (2015-5-28) = 
FIXED: Uninstall error
FIXED: event edit page not showing event settings

= 2.3.3 (2015-5-28) = 
FIXED: repeat events custom not saving times correct
FIXED: User interaction not working correct on tiles
FIXED: new shortcode variable to show repeating events at the same time as hide multiple occurance of event is active
UPDATED: POT language file with new and missing strings
REMOVED: eventon shortcode button from wysiwyg editor due to multiple conflicts with themes

= 2.3.2 (2015-5-20) =
ADDED: Ability to hide individual data in event card
ADDED: Support for event tags
ADDED: Ability to style featured events from appearance
ADDED: ability to sort events by posted date
ADDED: Option to not delete eventon settings when deleting plugin
ADDED: Ability to import and export language translations for eventon
FIXED: fullcal and dailyview not moveing featured events up
FIXED: Subscriber not showing for other views of calendar
FIXED: Tile layout to allow single event page clicks
UPDATED: Events tax in the calendar
UPDATED: Users taxonomy for calendar
UPDATED: minor code fixes
UPDATED: font aweosme icons to version 4.3

= 2.3.1 (2015-4-22) = 
FIXED: Missing translation for go to today
FIXED: Event Card not showing for single events page
FIXED: Event type categories not working correct
FIXED: Hide filtering options dropdowns
UPDATED: Events linking to external links to not load event card HTML
UPDATED: Missing event cancelled in language
UPDATED: JQuery triggers for goto today button

= 2.3 (2015-4-15) =
ADDED: Tile based layout for event calendar
ADDED: Timezone text support for event time
ADDED: Go to today button for calendar to return to current month
ADDED: Ability to export events 
ADDED: Support for event type category archive page
ADDED: Ability to add image for organizer
UPDATED: Minor updates to javascript for eventon
UPDATED: Re-organized files for plugin
UPDATED: theme and styles to incorporated missing new elements
UPDATED: ICS file slug causing errors
FIXED: Foreach error on language tab for RSVP
FIXED: Tooltip not showing up correct on page
FIXED: Cancel event styles on lightbox version
FIXED: google map not working off lat lon values
FIXED: repeating interval url when first creating event
FIXED: Year long events not appearing in addon versions

= 2.2.29 (2015-3-27) - 
FIXED: Event location in eventcard and eventtop display errors
FIXED: Filter not working error caused by small mistake

= 2.2.28 (2015-3-25) =
ADDED: location name to schema for event
ADDED: shortened event description to ICS file instead of name
ADDED: event type category terms language translation
ADDED: Ability to remove meta data for eventon generator version
ADDED: Ability to cancel events and show on calendar
FIXED: NOT filter in shortcode not working when switching months
FIXED: Calendar ux_val to override event ux_val
FIXED: Event Paging setting to show all available pages
UPDATED: Event card HTML to not load when not needed
UPDATED: Addons not saving activations fixed
UPDATED: Language translations for admin side
UPDATED: Sorting custom repeat intervals on first save
UPDAETD: Get directions to use https
UPDATED: Improvement to code handling and reusage of code
UPDATED: main lang translation function
UPDATED: Support for event type translatable text
UPDATED: POT file for admin translations

= 2.2.27 (2015-2-24) =
FIXED: Only featured events cal not working when switching months
FIXED: Location image picker not working in event edit page
UPDATED: Included class names for event type filter terms on frontend
UPDATED: Addons not saving activations fixed

= 2.2.26 (2015-2-14) =
FIXED: Settings not saving correctly for eventon

= 2.2.25 (2015-2-13) =
ADDED: Support for location and organizer filtering in shortcode
DEV: new action hook evo_cal_after_footer
UPDATED: Location and organizer taxonomies to show tax term id in wp-admin
UPDATED: addon deactivation process minor bugs solved
FIXED: Trash events past date to only delete events
FIXED: UID for .ICS file to stop replacing multiple ICS add to calendar
FIXED: Event list sorting not working fixed
FIXED: Widget class missing error
FIXED: All day events to save actual beginning and end of day times when saved
FIXED: Location name not showing in eventtop

= 2.2.24 (2015-2-9) =
ADDED: Basic upcoming widget to widget collection
ADDED: Event type category widget to show only certain events in widget
ADDED: Ultra repeater - now You'll set custom repeating event times
ADDED: Submenus to the eventon settings menu
ADDED: Ability to feature event from edit event page
ADDED: Reset permalink button to eventon settings for easy access
FIXED: EventON Settings custom field count not working
FIXED: Styles for lists inside event details
FIXED: EventON theme file not loading error
FIXED: Event details more less background gradient colors
FIXED: hide_so shortcode variable with filtered events lists
UPDATED: Eventon license activation and updating system
UPDATED: Minor featured image size settings corrections

= 2.2.23 (2015-1-20) =
ADDED: Option to diable font awesome font from loading
FIXED: Events not showing up in the calendar for some
FIXED: Other minor bugs

= 2.2.22 (2015-1-13) =
ADDED: Support for google maps custom color styles
ADDED: Extra google map zoom level
ADDED: New Calendar theme feature - still at beta stage and more themes in future
ADDED: Month arrow color into appearance section
FIXED: Minor issues with license activation process
FIXED: Undefined settings error on eventon settings page
FIXED: One of the vital missing styles added to appearance
FIXED: Hide organizer not working
FIXED: Incorrect featured image open status

= 2.2.21 (2014-12-18)
FIXED: Widget arrow positioning
FIXED: End time still showing even when hide end time selected
FIXED: Arrow styles
FIXED: Single events page showing open event cards for sidebar
FIXED: Show more events not working on event lists calendars
FIXED: ActionUser users variable support
FIXED: Languages not working correct on sort options section
FIXED: https for backend datepicker
FIXED: Last day of months not showing solved with setting UTC timezone
FIXED: Codestyling localization compatibility 
UPDATED: Activate debug report section

= 2.2.20 (2014-10-13)
ADDED: Backup shortcode generator in settings
FIXED: Saving events without time cause undefine error solved
FIXED: Sorting not working
FIXED: Custom meta fields more than 3 fields not working correct
FIXED: Mobile eventTop tap not working
FIXED: Event color hex code processing incorrectly
FIXED: Jumper not moving when changing months
FIXED: Arrow styles to better work for all
UPDATED: Featured image height style options for better visual
UPDATED: month arrow JS to work off body DOM tree

= 2.2.19 (2014-9-18)
FIXED: Sorting and filtering not working for eventon and addons
FIXED: Events lists month name fix
FIXED: Updated available on eventon settings addon tab
FIXED: W3C validation fixes

= 2.2.18 (2014-9-16)
FIXED: Minor style issues
FIXED: Sorting not working error
FIXED: ux_val=X not working
FIXED: EventCard open by default settings fixed
FIXED: Show more events text missing in language
FIXED: Google fonts for SSL based https urls
UPDATED: Different method to check installed addons

= 2.2.17 (2014-9-10)
ADDED: Mobile tap on eventtop and jquery mobile support
ADDED: Upto 10 custom meta data fields for events can now be activated
ADDED: Event Location and organizer fields as filtering options
ADDED: Support for NOT event type taxonomy eg. event_type="NOT-23" will exclude tax tag 23 events
ADDED: Location name and address over location image
ADDED: View more events button for calendar to show events as needed
ADDED: The ability to offset jumper start year
ADDED: New event paging section to settings to manage event archive page templates and slug
FIXED: Featured image height 100% fix
FIXED: Location Image dissapearing when updating events
FIXED: Location address and name with aphostrophe not saving correct
FIXED: Event Card open by default not working properly
FIXED: Event type color override is not working on calendars
FIXED: Event type 2 term tags not showing correctly on event top
FIXED: Generate google maps default yes value not working
FIXED: All day event date name capitalized properly
FIXED: All day events showing incorrectly on eventcard
FIXED: Category translation not working on calendar
UPDATED: Addons page not showing installed addons
UPDATED: All addons to support new eventon exists check
UPDATED: Location and organizer meta box in event edit page
UPDATED: Remove _blank on get directions for only mobile
UPDATED: JQuery UI CSS to 1.11 version 
UPDATED: Event Edit page UI

= 2.2.16 (2014-8-19)
FIXED: Jquery nodevalue error when passing shortcode arguments between months
FIXED: Featured image at full height when switching months
FIXED: Minor style issues
FIXED: Minor bugs related to eventtop fields
UPDATED: User capabilities for actionUser compatibility

= 2.2.15(2014-8-13)
ADDED: WPML compatibility
ADDED: Event Subtitle can now be added and styled
ADDED: The ability to choose all categories to be shown on eventTop
ADDED: Event Location Image field - this need to be configured in settings first to show
ADDED: Organizer meta field with similar event location method
ADDED: Disable onClick zoom effect on event featured image
ADDED: Ability to create year around event without a specific date
ADDED: Ability to auto trash old event posts from wp-admin
ADDED: Option to hide sort options section per each calendar in the shortcode
ADDED: Shortcode generator to ESE widget
ADDED: Class names to custom meta fields so styles can be applied
UPDATED: Event Location saving machanism with better verification and using terms
UPDATED: i18n fields with missing plugin textdomain for translation
UPDATED: event end time can now be set to last beyond start date and still visible in calendar
UPDATED: Responsive Featured image styles
UPDATED: Google maps generate to be set to yes by default
UPDATED: Lightbox eventcard close button X made lighter for visibility
UPDATED: minor style issues are solved
FIXED: upcoming list hide past not working
FIXED: hide end date honored in dailyview times
FIXED: Featured events only calendar issue
FIXED: evo addon class redeclare error
FIXED: Minor style issues
FIXED: Custom universal times remove end time from event card
FIXED: 23 hour format G to be recognized in wp-admin time selection fields
FIXED: RGB related Javascript error on wp-admin that was stopping yes/no button function

= 2.2.14(2014-7-3)
ADDED: Ability to exclude events from calendars without deleting them
ADDED: Overall calendar user interaction do not interact value
UPDATED: Removed month header blank space from event list
UPDATED: Schema SEO data to have end date that was missing
UPDATED: Improvements to Paypal intergration into front-end
UPDATED: Seperate function to load for calendar footer with action hook evo_cal_footer
UPDATED: Pretty time on eventcard converted into proper language
FIXED: Repeat events for week of the month not showing correct
FIXED: Addon license activation page not working correctly
FIXED: Hide multiple occurence not showing events on other calendars on same page
FIXED: Repeating events time now showing correct on event card
FIXED: Schema SEO showing event page URL when someone dont have single events addon
FIXED: shortcode generator showing a body double

= 2.2.13 (2014-6-16)
FIXED: Option for adding dynamic styles to inline page when dynamic styles aren't saved
FIXED: featured image on eventTop not showing
FIXED: shortcode generator not opening from wysiwyg editor button
FIXED: eventtop styles and HTML that usually get overridden by theme styles
UPDATED: Eventon addons page to now use ajax to load content
UPDATED: New welcome screen - hope you guys will like this

= 2.2.12 (2014-6-1)
ADDED: yes no buttons to be translatable via I18n
ADDED: the ability to choose start or end date for past event cut off
ADDED: option to limit remote server checks option if eventon wp-admin pages are loading slow due to remote server checks
ADDED: Addon license activation system 
UPDATE: Did some serious improvements to cut down remote server check to increase speed
UPDATED: improvements to addon class and eventon remote updater classes
UPDATED: UI layout for addons and license page
FIXED: removed eventon shortcode button from WYSIWYG editor on event-edit post page
FIXED: error on class-calendar_generator line 1595 with event color value
FIXED: styles not saving correct in the settings
FIXED: on widget time and location to be rows by itself

= 2.2.11 (2014-5-19)
ADDED: rtl support
ADDED: event type #3 into shortcode options if activated
ADDED: shortcode option to expand sort options section on load per calendar
ADDED: the ability to show featured image for events at 100% height
ADDED: the ability to turn off schema data for events
ADDED: the ability to turn off google fonts completely
ADDED: extended repeat feature to support first, second etc. friday type repeat events
ADDED: option to copy auto generated dynamic styles in case appearance doesnt save changes
UPDATED: UI super smooth all CSS yes/no buttons
UPDATED: Color picker rainbow circle no more changed it to a button
UPDATED: unix for virtual repeat events to be stored from back-end to reduce load on front-end
UPDATED: sort options and filters to close when clicked outside
FIXED: jumper month names
FIXED: eventon javascripts to load only on events pages in backend
FIXED: license activation issue solved
FIXED: events menu not showing up for some on left menu
FIXED: eventon popup box not showing correct solved z-index
FIXED: small bugs

= 2.2.10 (2014-5-5)
ADDED: You'll now show only featured events in the calendar with only_ft shortcode variable
ADDED: load calendars pre-sorted by date or title with sort_by variable
ADDED: add to google calendar button and updated add to calendar button
ADDED: one letter month names for language translation for month jumper
ADDED: accordion like event card opening capabilty controlled via shortcode
ADDED: You'll now add custom meta fields to eventTop
ADDED: custom meta field names can be translated in languages now
ADDED: End 3 letter month to eventTop date - now month shortname is at all times on
ADDED: ability to customize the eventCard time format
ADDED: ability to open links in new window for custom field content type = buttons
ADDED: wp-admin sort events by event location column
UPDATED: Month jumper to jump months upon first change in time
UPDATED: PO file for eventon Admin pages
UPDATED: Sort options section to be more intuitive for user
UPDATED: Events list event order DESC now order months in descending order as well
UPDATED: matching events menu icon based off font icons
FIXED: Arrow circle CSS for IE
FIXED: default event color missing # on hex code
FIXED: Wysiwyg editor eventon shortcode generator icon not opening lightbox
FIXED: Event type ID column for additional event type categories
FIXED: Lon lat not saving for location addresses
FIXED: Secondary languages not getting correct words when switching months
FIXED: improvements to speed eventON and cut down server requests
FIXED: featured image hover issues
FIXED: Custom meta field activation on eventCard and reordering bug
FIXED: font bold not reflecting on event details
FIXED: the content filter disable settings issue

= 2.2.9 (2014-3-26)
ADDED: More/less text background gradient so as to change from settings
ADDED: ability to enable upto 5 additional event type categories for events
ADDED: shortcode generator button to wysiwyg editor
ADDED: the ability to turn off content filter on event details
ADDED: Language field to widget
FIXED: minor responsive styles
FIXED: zoom cursor arrow now loads from element class
FIXED: Capitalize date format on eventcard
FIXED: Featured image hover effect removal issues
FIXED: Jump months missing month and year text added to Language
CHANGED: plugin url to use a function to support SSL links

= 2.2.8 (2014-3-13)
UPDATED: We have integrated chat support direct into eventON settings
ADDED: Reset to default colors button for appearance settings
ADDED: Jump months option to jump to any month you wish to have
ADDED: Ability to assign colors by event type
ADDED: the ability to create custom field as a button
ADDED: User Interaction for events be able to override by overall variable value
UPDATED: the Calendar header Interface design new arrows and cleaner design
TWEAKED: main event wp_Query closing function
FIXED: bulk edit event deleting meta values for event
FIXED: Lan lat driven google map centering on the marker issue solved
FIXED: all text translations to be included in sort menu

=2.2.7 (2014-2-13)
ADDED: filter to eventCard and eventTop time and date strings
ADDED: filter 'eventon_eventtop_html' to allow customization for eventTop html
ADDED: filter 'eventon_google_map_url' to load custom google maps API url with custom map languages
ADDED: ability to disable featured image hover effect
ADDED: shortcode support to open event card at first load
UPDATED: shortcode generator code to support conditional variable fields
UPDATED: html element attributes changed to data- in front-end calendar
UPDATED: new data element in calendar front-end to hold all attributes to keep the calendar HTML clean
UPDATED: event locations tax posts column removed - which was no use
FIXED: schema event url itemprop
FIXED: 'less' text not getting translated on eventcard
FIXED: timezone issues to correct hide past events hiding at correct time
FIXED: loading bar not appearing due to style error
FIXED: open event card at first on events list
FIXED: Custom language other than L1 to be updated for new calendars
FIXED: add to calendar ICS file content and timezone issue resolved
FIXED: hide multiple occurance for repeating events shortcode support

=2.2.6 (2014-1-30)
ADDED: Ability to collpase eventON setting menus
UPDATED: settings apperance sections can now be closed for space management
UPDATED: Language page UI and pluggability
FIXED: Missing sort option selector colors from setting appearance
FIXED: quick edit incorrect saving event data when 24hour format in active
FIXED: Event popup lightbox click on page scroll bar closing popup
FIXED: eventop background color not saving issue
FIXED: Custom meta fields not saving values for events
FIXED: Widget title to use wp universal filters

= 2.2.5 (2014-1-27)
ADDED: Event Location Name to eventTop
ADDED: Custom fields can now have Wysiwyg editor or single line text field to enter data
UPDATED: dynamic styles loading method to create a tangible eventon_dynamic_styles.css file instead of using admin-ajax.php to avoid long load times
UPDATED: Appreance color picker UI and the ability to support pluggability
UPDATED: Datepicker to consider start date when selecting end date
FIXED: 3rd custom field value not showing on calendar
FIXED: make sure settings page styles are loaded in page header

NOTE: Make sure to click save on eventON appearance to save new styles

= 2.2.4 (2014-1-12)
FIXED: Custom meta field values not appearing correct on events page and calendar

= 2.2.3(2014-1-10)
ADDED: Event locations can now be saved and used again for new events
ADDED: Event location name field
ADDED: featured event color can not be selected from Settings> Appearance and override the set event color with this
ADDED: event class name for featured events
ADDED: New widget to execute any eventON shortcode on sidebar
ADDED: One additional custom meta field, now we have 3 extra fields
ADDED: Font-awesome Vector/SVG icons for retina-readiness
ADDED: more options to change appearances of eventON easily
UPDATED: eventon settings UI for color picker
CHANGED: month nav arrows are now <span> elements instead of <a> elements - to avoid redirects on arrow click
FIXED: 3 letter month name not showing under event date for eventTop
FIXED: eventON widget upcoming event small bug that stopping it from showing the calendar

= 2.2.2(2013-12-21)
ADDED: capability to add magnifying glass cursor for featured images
ADDED: event type names translatability with eventON dual lang
UPDATED: UI compatibility with wp 3.8
UPDATED: shortcode generator tooltips UI
FIXED: missing eventon settings page i18n 
FIXED: eventTop line will be a <div> if the event slideDown or else it'll be <a>
FIXED: more/less text translatability and other translation issues
FIXED: L2 calendar month name switching back to L1 language when switching months
FIXED: All (sort options) text added to language translation
FIXED: event popup CSS/HTML for feature image and event type line CSS
FIXED: ics file date zone to use wordpress i18n date and location incorrect value
FIXED: event custom meta values to go through formatted filter

= 2.2.1(2013-11-30)
ADDED: couple of wordpress pluggable functions to main calendar
FIXED: event time hours difference on front end than whats saved - using date_i18n() instead of date() now
FIXED: dual language saved value disappearing when switching languages
FIXED: draft events showing up on calendar when switching months
FIXED: month increment messing up due to february
FIXED: all day translation fixed
FIXED: ics file download error on date()
FIXED: event organizer field missing in action
UPDATED: widget so as to set ID and hide empty months for list
UPDATED: Changed dynamic styles to load as a file and not print on header

< == Complete changelog can be found at http://www.myeventon.com/documentation/eventon-changelog/ ==>

v1.0 - January 3, 2012
* Initial Launch of the plugin

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